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Online Rentals For On Campus

We care about the house or apartment you are living in. We own the properties listed here, so we have more at stake than rental agents who are managing for owners.

We are available to serve you. We will take your non-emergency calls from 9am to 9pm, seven days a week.

We provide hassel-free living. We not only pay your water/sewer and garbage. We also mow your lawn to save you time and virtually every unit has a washer and dryer.

We make it easy to pay rent.  You can make your rent payment online with an echeck or debit/credit card.

We save you time.  From our tenant portal, you can check the account balance of your rental unit and make maintenance requests.

We are reasonable and easy to get along with. Since we began operation in 1989, we have only been taken to court one time.

We don’t discriminate against students. We don’t have ‘non-student rentals’.